Advanced Concepts


This presentation is the most challenging: taxes are everyone’s least favorite subject. The only way to get through this is with humor. Importantly, this talk explains the purpose of the common forms with which young adults will have to deal.

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Real Estate

While many young adults are renters and many will be excluded from home ownership due to the burden of their student debt, the “Real Estate” presentation has import, as students need to be exposed to the terminology of the industry prior to their first encounter with a mortgage broker.

Starting a Business

No generation in the history of mankind has a greater possibility of starting their own business and commanding their own fate. All the students will need is an idea, a few tools and the confidence.

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Deficits and Inflation

The national debt, the budget deficit and future inflation will be relevant to your students. They need to be made aware of the scale of the problem. Many concepts also touched upon in an economics course will be introduced here, though this is the third time in the course that Inflation (in different contexts each time) will be discussed.

International Issues

“International Issues” helps foster understanding of currencies (why the value of the US dollar fluctuates and how that impacts exporters/importers) and trade (in general and specifically with China). The notion of free trade is exposed as an ideal, far from reality.

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