Intermediate Concepts

Buying a Car

“Buying a Car” goes through the process of making a rational decision about purchasing a vehicle that fits the needs of student. The presentation goes into detail about the pitfalls of auto loans because a car is usually a young adult’s first major foray into large-scale and long-term debt.

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Paying for College

This presentation highlights all the options available to young adults interested in graduate and post-graduate education. The risks and ramifications of taking on massive debt are also highlighted.

Income and Work

“Income and Work” informs students about the phenomenon of the “shrinking paycheck”. It elucidates the advantages and disadvantages of being an employee vs. employer (more on that in “Starting a Business”). On a practical level, students will start to think about a career plan in the context of global labor trends.

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This presentation is about risk management. Students will be introduced to important concepts: the insurance principle and moral hazard. On a practical level, they will gain a better understanding of their own auto policy.

Investing A

“Investing A” explores why we need to invest and what the verb really means. This talk starts with everything-you-ever-wanted-to-know-about Stocks.

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Investing B

“Investing B” explores all the asset classes beyond Stocks, including Derivatives. The practical importance of learning about investing beyond the “normal” or “standard” (Stocks and Mutual Funds) is that every potential investment has different fees, risk and return.

Investing C

“Investing C” explores concepts that influence the buy and sell decision. Also, on a practical level, this presentation informs students about the necessity of being wary about brokers and about the “How” in investing, starting with paper trading.

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