Basic Concepts


This presentation will get the audience interested in Financial Literacy, a subject they might not even know they need. Women will understand why they need to become financially independent from men.

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Credit 1

Credit Part 1 starts the discussion on interest. Students will start to be wary of debt, especially debt due to credit card purchases.

Credit 2

This presentation continues to build where Credit 1 left off, especially with regards to the pitfalls of credit. Illegal and should-be-illegal credit schemes are exposed.

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The Money presentation is a basic introduction to the nature of the stuff in our wallets. Most young adults may have never considered that modern money is little more than promise.


This presentation shines a light on how banks work, how they make money and highlights that they are in business to make money. The practical aspects of the talk will help students be confident opening their first checking and savings accounts.

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Financial Responsibility

This lesson is about making rational decisions after prioritizing goals in a rational manner. Without any financial literacy, financial decision making is frequently emotional and self-defeating. The practical aspects of this talk warn about scams and schemes that prey on the under-informed.

Money Management

This presentation contains the prototypical Financial Literacy subject: making a budget. And, it emphasizes that piece of seminal advice all young adults need to learn early in life: “Pay yourself first.”

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