Frequently asked questions

How often does Truth At Work meet?

Monthly for four hours. This is a chance for business owners and leaders to step away from their business to work on the success of their business and life.

How many chapters of Truth At Work are in Columbus?

Currently, we have two active chapter and have plans for two more chapters in Central Ohio for 2021.

How many members are in a chapter?

Chapters consist of 10-15 business owners and leaders.

How long is the Truth At Work program?

New members join every month. Our average member is part of Truth At Work for over 6 years.

How much does it cost to be part of a Truth At Work chapter?

There isn’t a “fixed fee” for membership. Members make a monthly investment into themselves and their businesses. We work with members to ensure their investment fits their business.

Can two or more people from the same organization be part of Truth At Work?

Only one person per organization can be a member of a chapter; however, an organization can have different leaders in different chapters.