Course Overview

What's included in the course:

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Basic Concepts

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Intermediate Concepts

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Advanced Concepts

“Basic Concepts” deals with foundational material but also delves deeply into credit and interest. An intimate knowledge of the mechanics of interest is fundamental to being successful in our credit/debt society.

  • Introduction to Financial Literacy

  • Credit pt 1

  • Credit pt 2

  • Money

  • Banking

  • Financial Responsibility

  • Money Management

“Intermediate Concepts” builds on the foundation laid down in the “Basic Concepts”. Practical issues relevant to most young adults are explored here. Also, this part of the course details all aspects of Investing, from explaining a wide range of asset classes to paper trading.

  • Buying a Car

  • Paying for College

  • Income and Work

  • Risk Management Insurance

  • Investing A

  • Investing B

  • Investing C

“Advanced Concepts” deal with the issues of the real world that our young students will be facing either, as future homeowners, entrepreneurs or voters.

  • Taxes

  • Real Estate

  • Starting a Business

  • Debts, Deficits, and Inflation

  • International Issues


About Finance on the Edge Courses

Finance on the Edge provides a comprehensive course for educators designed to satisfy K-12 standards, which is becoming more common every year.

Each topic is presented in plain language and focuses on real-world examples students will or already are having to navigate.

Financially independent young adults, or young adults in transition, can utilize the information in these courses to avoid the confusing financial realities life offers.

There are many free resources available, however, Finance on the Edge prioritizes for real-life situations, and allows you to cater to your specific needs.

We not only give information but also a ready-to-use toolkit for anyone who wants to improve their understanding of how seemingly small choices with money can have profound impacts on options.

We are aligned with CEE National standards for K-12 financial literacy and are W!se certified.